Wednesday, May 2

Wednesday chats

I thought I'd tackle Patrice's Farmhouse Porch Chats meme today. I've needed to update this blog and my brain has been absolutely dead.

Who do you go to when you really need someone to talk to about something important?

My hubby, usually, since anything important involves him. I also consult my mom about broader family issues.

How often do you grill food outdoors?

Not often. We have a teeny tiny charcoal grill that has the surface area of a sheet of paper. So, grilling anything more than a couple of hamburger patties becomes this tricky chain of sequences where you cook some things on and take other things off, rotate them, wrap them in foil halfway through, and finally attempt to eat the result and pray it's not raw in the middle.

Lately I just cook everything in an iron skillet on the stove. No outdoor flavor, but I can get my hamburgers, rain or shine.

What's the interior color of your car/truck/van?

Um ... just neutral gray, I think. No interesting leopard seat covers in our car.

What's the last great buy you got?

Probably when I found a $120 book for 3 bucks on ebay. I was over the moon.

What's new?

I've learned to cook beans. Also, I've determined that people who claim that beans and rice are a complete protein, never survived on beans and rice for a week, and then gorged on hamburger, and compared their overall life performance afterward. Real meat > beans. When we're stuck eating beans, all I want to do is lie around and sleep.


Meg said...

I got a copy of Nourishing Traditions from Amazon, and I've been reading through it again - apparently you need saturated/animal fats to process and absorb proteins in order for them to be really affective. So eating meat on it's own (with the fat content) is complete, but if you're having just beans and rice you'll need something like lard or chicken fat in order to make it work. Just read it this morning! :D (And refried beans made with lard are NOMMY.)

Farm Girl said...

I hope that isn't the case now. I hope you are getting lots of animal protein in your diet and not legumes only and rice.
Nice questions, I am so glad you did the questions this week.

Patrice said...

I'm glad you joined in this week! Your new blog looks super. Grilling can be too much work sometimes. I had a Hibatchi (Tiny grill) once and it only cooked a little bit at a time.Your book sounds like quite a buy. I love to get a good deal. Have a great week!


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