Sunday, March 18


Our lovely storm flooded the sidewalk yesterday. The munchkins went out and played in it for a while.

This was only minutes before they started running up and down the sidewalk in the water. I didn't take pictures of that, though.

Here's the baby wishing and wishing she could go outside, too.

It's been a nice storm. I feel bad about it, though, because it'll cause horrendous tornadoes across the rest of the country. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not responsible for the weather.


Farm Girl said...

Me too, Kessie, I always feel so guilty too, isn't that funny. Poor baby looking out the door, She just feels so left out, you can tell.

Jennifer said...

That rain was a mental break! Did you guys get the hail, too? Rebecca wanted me to get her some skis for the 'snow'.


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