Monday, March 12

Springtime sun

It's been in the 70's out here in southern Cali. (Disappointing, really ... we've had like zero winter and this is looking to be a dry, hot year.)

The upshot is, the kids can play outside. Mommy owes her continued sanity to the outdoors.

This is the munchkins dipping the brooms in a puddle and "painting" the sidewalk. The baby stuck her hands in it until the jibblies overcame me, and I dragged her inside to wash her hands.

Munchkin #2 is undergoing potty training. She's almost got it after only three or four days. I just have to harp on her all the time about if she needs to go, because she forgets. I'm sure after a month, she'll be good. That's how long it took munchkin #1.

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Farm Girl said...

It looks so nice, winter will be here by Friday. Snow and rain, yay, Hanford sound pretty excited about it. So enjoy that sun. :) Good for munchkin number 2 :)


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