Thursday, June 14

Thankful Thursday

Random shot of the kids running out of frame.
I'm supposed to keep a thankfulness journal for my Bible study. I thought, well, I have this blog. Why not journal over here?

So, in no particular order:

I'm thankful for my sweetheart of a husband.

And my babies.

And the vast bag of apricots and plums we picked yesterday. I cut up some and ate them on my oatmeal. Yum!

For the delights of being a creative family.

For God's grace to me in giving me what I don't deserve.

More later!


Tazia Hall said...

Amen to that.

Thanking for the babies made me all giddy I literally squee'd in like manner "XD".

Farm Girl said...

Hey that is a great idea to blog about what your are thankful for on your blog.
I like your list. You forgot your Bible Study book here by the way.
So plums and apricots are good on oatmeal?
This was great!


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