Tuesday, June 19

Thankful Tuesday

It's almost Wednesday, but darn it, I'm going to finish my Thankful Week if it kills me! Hopefully it won't kill me.

So, I'm thankful for ...

My husband's wacky sense of humor.

My short story that got accepted for publication, and the horrifying amount of edits it came back with. But this is a great educational opportunity to see the weak places in my writing. So I'm thankful for harsh editors, too.

Bathtime for babies.

Homemade fruit leather.

Spotify, where I can listen to all the music that died on cassette tape years ago.

My ipod with its ereader app.

Jules Verne, for entertaining and educating all at once.

And many, many more, but that's all for now. And it didn't kill me.


Rachel Blackmon said...

You got a story accepted for publication!? That's awesome! Where at? Was it a story connected to Spacetime or something completely separate?

I'm so excited for you. =)

Will and Tracy said...

I love your thankful heart. I am THRILLED you are being published. How exciting. A very proud aunt.

Farm Girl said...

Just lovely, I can't wait to talk to you about this list today. See you later. :)

Kessie said...

Rachel: It was a one-shot story I wrote for an anthology that wanted short stories with time travel. Once I get the edits done, I'll show you my original and then the edits. It's hugely educational.


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