Tuesday, June 5

Tuesday stuff

I downloaded the pictures from my camera, and found a record of the last couple of weeks in it. I've been taking pictures for my blog, but somehow I just never updated the blog half of the equation.

Anyway, first off, remember that eclipse we had?

 It was really hard to get a picture to turn out of the little sun crescent. I also tried to get a picture of the weird way the light looked, but the camera just can't capture it.

See? It just looks like late afternoon sunlight. You can't tell that it's dimmer than it's supposed to be.

Then I decided to hang out my clothes to dry instead of using the pay dryer. Trying to save a few bucks. Here's my makeshift rack:

And the rack in use:

How do we wear so many clothes in one week?

Then I picked sour cherries at Mom's and made them into a cobbler. A mouth-watering, sweet-and-sour cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream to go with it and mitigate the sourness.

Man. I want more of this cobbler just looking at the picture.

So there's a slice of our life. I'm so busy living it, I just never update my blog. Isn't that always the way?

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

Well I am glad you took pictures. The cobbler looks fantastic.
See you tomorrow.


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