Wednesday, April 21

Fun with buckets

On Monday, it was gorgeous, gorgeous weather. 75 degrees, sunny, clear and beautiful.

The munchkins were bouncing off the walls, so I let them both outside on the grass with a bucket of water and some large spoons for entertainment.

Holly had never been allowed outside like that before. She thought she was in heaven.

Alex discovered the drain in the corner of the sidewalk, and dumped buckets and buckets of water down it. Here he is, carefully ladelling more water down the drain. Lovely, sparkly water.

Here's one of the tea roses that was picked and dunked in the bucket shortly after this photo was taken:

So pletty!

And then Tuesday, the storm front hit.

Frightening clouds! Full of wind and rain and coldness! But hey, the valley's dry, so we need all we can get. :-)


Farm Girl said...

It is hard to believe it was so warm on Monday and Tuesday, and it will be warm on Saturday. We even lit a fire last night. It was so nice to have one last fire, we are almost to May so I am thinking summer is just around the corner. The munchkins look cute playing in buckets.

Meg said...

Is that cloud picture over your apartment? That's an awesome picture! :)


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