Friday, April 16

Theme post: Blue

Today's theme post: the color blue! Which happens to be my favorite color of all time.

First off, the munchkins in a (mostly) blue fort.

They were under a blue blanket and blue chair against a blue box. I was really trying to get a picture of Holly's fat legs sticking out from under the blanket, because it looked hilarious, but she popped out when she heard me turn on my camera.

Some fabulous blueish purplish bearded irises that I admire when we go for walks.

That one mountain above Palm Springs that always seems to have snow on it. I don't know what it's called.

Mountains somewhere out in Arizona. I watch them go by and fantasize that they're actually ruined cities that just look like mountains.

And a funny-looking diseased violet and white iris that is nonetheless kind of pretty.


Farm Girl said...

I like your blue pictures too. They all look wonderful and I like the blue fort with the gorgeous babies peaking out.

Jennifer said...

I like the Alice in Wonderland diseased iris. It does exude a certain lovely charm.


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