Tuesday, April 13

Theme post: Yellow

Another theme post, this time in Yellow.

First off, a yellow rose.

Unfortunately, as I realized once I reviewed this on the computer, direct sunlight on a yellow rose does not for good contrast make.

It might as well look like this.

Presenting the rare Sun Rose, which actually emits sunlight from its petals! Found only in the rainforests of Brazil, where botanists find it in the dead of night by its sunny glow.

Next up:

Oh, ye lowly bananas. How tempted I was to airbrush thee.

Mom and Meg, you may want to look away from my next yellow entry.

I'm warning you.

Click Back on your browser or something.

Okay, here it is:

The other yellow thing was my cockatiel, Rocky. Unfortunately, the light coming in was very cool and made his neon-yellow face not so yellow.

So I added a nice yellow filter.

Listening to another bird singing.

Being calm. And yellow. With silly clown cheeks.


Farm Girl said...

I like him better blue. :) He does look pretty in photographs. You don't get a glimpse of his terrible personality. :) He his just someone only a mother can love.

Hannah D said...

It's amazing to see Sun Rose's in this part of the world. Now all you need to do is plant them along your lawn near your house and you've completed step one to fend off the zombie uprising.


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