Saturday, April 3

Arizona trip

On Wednesday we took off to Arizona for four days.

This happened to coincide with a big storm. Storms over the Grapevine are ooooh so fun.

We fought the storm down past Valencia and Magic Mountain. (This was not a day to visit the coasters.)

We didn't outrun the storm until we hit Arizona.

I even noticed interesting cloud shapes.

Then we arrived, and stayed with my husband's paternal grandmother.

The kids bonded to her real quick. Also, Alex was entranced by her grandfather clock. He learned quickly that it chimed at the half hour and the top of the hour, and where the hands had to be in order for that to happen. We got used to him announcing, "Bong in two minutes!"

We also visited my husband's maternal grandmother.

One of his aunts was there, who was quite willing to sit on the floor and play with her grand-niece and nephew.

Alex and Holly really liked the balcony. Me, not so much. "You might fall off and DIE!"

On the way home, I snapped pictures of wildflowers.


Meg said...

Wow, what a gorgeous view! It sounds like you guys had a really nice time. I'm so glad you got to get away for awhile. Even a mini vacation that involves mostly driving is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are awesome! These are like desktop-background quality, especially the first and last pics.

Farm Girl said...

very nice Kessie, glad you had fun glad you are home now. See you later.


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