Tuesday, March 30

First step

Holly took her first step last night.

She and Alex were just frisking around the living room, playing with toys. Holly's been standing by herself for a while now, but hasn't had the nerve to take any steps unaided.

Then last night she stood up and took one little step to my knee. And she was so proud of herself.

Here she is, flirting with her Daddy. She was laying on his chest, and it was so sweet, but she heard my camera turn on, turned and gave me her best grin. I couldn't resist.


Farm Girl said...

She is such a little ham. I am so glad she finally took a step! Hey, your car tags are here. I thought you might like them.

NetRaptor said...

And here I'd thought they'd come here! Silly me.

Both my kids are such hams. But then, so are both their parents. :-)

Meg said...

Took her long enough! :P She's been teasing us for awhile.

Jennifer said...

Yahoo! Way to go, big girl.


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