Thursday, March 25

Spring is ...

Spring is a flowering crabapple tree.

Crabapple blossoms

Crabapple blossoms closeup

I want a couple of these trees.

Also, spring is getting to play on the porch in short sleeves.

Jack, Tyler, and Alex, with legos

Spring is letting the chicks loose and see what Holly does.

Holly likes small chickens

Playing with my peeps

Look over there!

Everybody look over there!


Meg said...

Wow nice pics! Maybe you can get a miniature tree and keep it outside your door in a pot. Then you can have your own little bit of spring!

Farm Girl said...

Wow, good pictures! Even the chicks on the porch. Very nice!

Brenda said...

Love it. I keep toying with the idea of having a couple hens in the backyard!

Jennifer said...

Kessie, your pictures are shot so well! What kind of camera do you have? Do you have some tricks for making a cheap-o camera work well? I love the flower pictures. : )

NetRaptor said...

I have a Canon Powershot A530 that my husband picked up on discount somewhere.

I found the Manual focus/exposure setting on it, and experiment with closeups and shallow depth of field pictures. I also read the photography blog on all the time.

Also, I have an old version of Photoshop that I dump my photos into and make the contrast and colors brighter. :-)

Ann Christine Dennison said...

You have spring already! We only have the crocuses and the snowdrops flowering here! Love the photos of Holly and the chicks and the blossoms too :-)


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