Sunday, March 14

Wild apartment living

One of my neighbors came over this afternoon with some oddball news.

They're trapping the cats in our apartment complex for the management. (I'm glad I don't have a cat!) But it does cut down on the catfights on the roof at 3 AM, as well as the copious amounts of cat pee sprayed on the front doors.

Anyway, last night they trapped a kit fox.

I know we have kit foxes in the area, but we live five minutes from the mall, for crying out loud. We're in an apartment complex! I suppose it could be living in those vacant, overgrown lots across the street.

Anyway, they called the SPCA, which said to just let it go, since kit foxes are endangered. It probably has cubs somewhere.

That's not my photo up there. If they catch it again, she said she'd let me know so I could take a picture of it. :-)


Meg said...

Those are some pretty brave kit foxes to be near so many people. You guys live in the weirdest place.

Brenda said...

We have kit foxes out by us. Last week I saw one at Valley Baptist church and was dicussing it with friends and aparaently kit foxes are living in residential areas all over town and even under the buildings at local schools. I wonder just how endangered they really are?


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