Friday, March 12

Alex's birthday

We went over to my Mom's on Alex's birthday, where he hung out with his cousins who are his same age.

I made a quick cake mix and took it over there, and assembled the cake rather hastily. It wasn't as flashy as last year's cake, that's for sure.

Alex's 3rd birthday cake

But Alex was pleased. I showed it to him, and he said, "Airplanes flying in the sky!" So he got the gist. He kept asking me to lift him up so he could look at it, too.

Then we lit the candles ...

Blowing out candles 1

Started singing Happy Birthday, which he thought was awesome ...

Blowing out candles 2

Held him up to blow out the candles ...

Blowing out candles 3

...which he accomplished with three very accurate puffs.

Thanks to my Mom for snapping the pictures! I managed to forget my camera that morning, so thank goodness she's got hers on hand.

I think Alex had a good birthday. The next morning, he asked me hopefully, "Birthday?" and I told him, "No, all done 'til next year."


Farm Girl said...

He will get it next year.

Jennifer said...

I love the cake! Ha ha. What day is Alex's birthday? Happy birthday, little guy! Jackson is the 12th.

NetRaptor said...

Alex's is the 10th. Wow, they're so close!


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