Saturday, January 15

Blood orange marmalade

Isn't it just the prettiest stuff you've ever seen? Shame about the name, though.

"Hey, want some blood orange marmalade on your toast?"

"No thank you, I'm on an O-positive diet."

It's really about half blood oranges and half navel oranges, and for some reason I didn't get a lot of juice from either. Maybe it was because I was hand-juicing them and my arm was tired.

Anyway, used this recipe from Simply Recipes. I used her lemon marmalade one and it turned out nicely, so I gave her orange one a shot, too.

The trouble with orange marmalade, as I discovered upon researching it, is that it's traditionally made with Seville oranges, these tiny, sour, seedy oranges. When canned, they have the best flavor. Navels and other "sweet" oranges aren't supposed to be as good. I just used less sugar and made sure to taste it.

My goodness. Those blood oranges made the batch taste like I used rose petals, or some other kind of edible flower. It smells like citrus, but also this wonderful springtime floral smell. It's the smell I think of when I read a book where they use "rose water".

2 cups juice + 4 cups peel + 2 cups water + 3 1/2 cups sugar, and I got 5 half-pints. But this marmalade is so powerful, you only need a tiny bit at a time. I'll bet it makes some really interesting "orange marmalade" bread. :-)


Farm Girl said...

It is really pretty though. I am so glad you are putting all of this to good use.
I can't wait to try that, did pulsing them in the food processor work any better?

William said...


That stuff looks like it'd win the blue ribbon at the county fair.

Kessie said...

Mom: I didn't put them in the food processor because you do oranges different from lemons. Lemons you just dice up. Oranges you juice, and then cut out the pith, and then cut up the zest that's left. I wanted to follow the recipe for the first time.

Next time I do lemon, I'll use the food processor, though.

Will: It does, doesn't it? :-)


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