Thursday, January 27


Munchkins enjoying their breakfast of oatmeal and cut up bananas. They like having their picture taken, too.

It's been horrendously foggy lately, but sometimes the sun comes out in the afternoon, and it warms up to about 60. I've taken to pitching the munchkins outside, for my mental health and theirs.

They found a muddy spot in the grass and turned it into a nice hole.

This is them putting sticks and bark into it. A nice afternoon.


Farm Girl said...

I like your background. It loos so nice, wouldn't you like to go and see that in person. I am glad you posted some new pictures of the kids.
No, my own household is sick so don't think it was yours.

Patrice said...

My older two are about the same age difference as your little ones. They used to play so well together. That's a colorful landscape on your background page. Have a good weekend!


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