Tuesday, September 20

Birthdays according to kids

When you're a kid, birthdays are awesome. You look forward to your birthday. You're going to be a year older, eat cake and ice cream, and get new toys! What's not to like? It's the perfect day!
And if your birthday is all kinds of awesome, then your mom and dad's birthdays should be exponentially more awesome. They're older, so they should throw, like, a massive party, right? Except they don't. Mom and Dads grunt, "Eh. My birthday." And go back to reading the newspaper or chopping onions.
My birthday is coming up, and the munchkins keep asking, "What are we going to do for your birthday?" And I'm all, "Meh." After so many years of having to work on my birthday, and missing my siblings' birthdays because of work, birthdays lose their shine. Also there's the advancing age issue. After age 21, there's no more milestones of age except maybe Midlife Crisis and Death. Um, yay?

Anyway, while casting about for something to do that might be fun for the munchkins, I discovered that the Via Arte is on the weekend after my birthday this year. It's this place in a local theater/shopping center where they rope off the parking lot and do massive chalk paintings on the asphalt. I've even participated back when I was in art class and we bought a square or two. It's loads of fun. Also I have a birthday coupon for free ice cream from Cold Stone. So I thought we could go brave the crowds, look at the chalk paintings, and get some ice cream. A fun birthday event for all!

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Farm Girl said...

Claire looks so sweet there on the carpet with her hands under her chin.
Well, birthdays are just like that, I think you have some nice plans though. I hope you get to see Mr.Moore out there.
It still makes me sad that you think of birthdays like that.


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