Saturday, September 10


Alex has been coughing and coughing since Easter. Over the ensuing months, I've experimented on him, trying one thing after another to get rid of the cough.

We've moved his bed. We've loaded him up on probiotics. We've limited his sugar, and lately, we've limited his wheat.

Sugar and wheat limitation have had the most dramatic effect on his coughing. He's been off wheat for about three days, and his cough is limited to a little bit right before bed, and a little bit when he gets up. Before, he was coughing all night, usually making himself throw up.

I was afraid he had whooping cough or something, but he has no other symptoms besides the cough. It's made him hard to pin down.

Anyway, I think he has a bit of a wheat allergy. Then my mom found this book:

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health
Wheat Belly, by William Davis.

He's a cardiologist who observed huge, dramatic turnarounds in thousands of patients who came to him for treatment, and all he had them do was stop eating wheat. No other diet or exercise changes. And he's seen cures in diabetes, arthritis, dementia, and all kinds of other things. It has to do with our modern wheat being so genetically modified that it's more or less unsafe for human consumption. There is no such thing as "healthy whole grains".

I'll post some excerpts from it later on. Right now, the order of business is trying to figure out what to feed picky children when you're pretty much going gluten-free. When peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were a food staple, it's hard to change. So tonight I'm looking at some kind of pizza with a cornmeal crust.

(I tried grinding some flaxseed, then found out that there are two kinds of flaxseed--dark and golden. Dark flaxseed is extremely bitter. Guess which one I have!)

I have some rice flour, but it tends to make really goopy dough. I'm experimenting with adding it to cornflour to make the cornflour a little less grainy. I'm considering picking up some other kind of flour, like amaranth or gram (which is chickpea), but I'm afraid of paying something like 4 bucks a pound.


Farm Girl said...

It took me all day but I finally got the books finished. It will be hard to try and find things to eat but I think it can be done. I am going to look for things tomorrow when I got to the store.
I am glad Alex is doing so much better. I know I am so much better. Did you read about the eyesight thing? It isn't my imagination.
Anyway. I will see what I can find to try and make some kind of crust. Or even bread. So I gave you my flax seed? I wondered where it went.

Will and Tracy said...

Kess and Kim,

I am so relieved that you are both going wheat/gluten free. You are both better at finding out how to make things and I end up missing bread or tortillas and so I let myself have some and I am sick sick sick for days and days. I am going to faithfully follow and read your blogs to Will so that I can go completely wheat free. My side-effects are getting more and more serious and I really need to take this to heart. Love you, go look at my arrowhead just for you.


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