Thursday, September 22

Food experiments

Some people on Facebook who are into mad scientists and steampunk referred to their kids as "experiments", which I found hilarious. I feel like Alex has been the subject of many experiments (harmless, of course!)

Mostly pertaining to that cough of his. I thought I had it pegged to wheat, then I found out that wheat converts pretty much to pure sugar once you eat it. I made a pumpkin pie and let the kids have a couple slices. Lo and behold, his cough worsened within hours. It's starting to look a lot like a sugar allergy. Which is a lot less of a problem than any of the other potential allergies--I can deal with sugar.

I should have figured it out when his cough started after eating a ton of jellybeans at Easter. And he's always responded well to probiotic. All symptoms of a sugar allergy.


It's taken me how long to figure this out? Of course, I have kind of been preoccupied with a new baby, so I suppose that contributes.


Farm Girl said...

Well it is always that way, just when you figure out this parenting thing, they grow up and move away. :)
Then the experiment is over because they don't want your advice. :) So I am so glad you figured out it is sugar. Lots easier to deal with than wheat.

Will and Tracy said...

darn, I was hoping you would blow my mind with wheatless recipe's but for darling Alex's life, I'm glad it's a sugar allergy.


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