Monday, September 26

Wheat makes me mean

So I've chronicled our experiments with going off wheat, mostly trying to cure Alex's chronic cough. (Which I believe is caused by sugar.)

Anyway, I don't eat much wheat anyway, because I've never really liked bread, except as toast. Right before we had officially gone of wheat, I had noticed that if I had had no wheat that day, and ate, say, a muffin, I'd have a dramatic mood swing. Always toward the angry. (Why can't mood swings be into the happy and nice?)

So I haven't had any wheat in days, and this morning I made pancakes. The kids had been asking, and I thought, eh, what the hey. So I had one pancake with jam, thinking that if I alternated it with bites of oatmeal, my body would never notice.

An hour later, I stepped out of the shower and suddenly I'm screaming at the kids in rage. And I kind of shook myself and went, "What in the world is this? A mood swing?" Then I remembered that pancake. So I slowly blew-dry my hair and prayed and prayed for God to help me to get a handle on this mood. By the time I was done, I felt in control again.

But yeah. Wheat is baaaaad for me. I can't do the mood swing thing.

And for my aunt, who was asking about gluten-free, here is my standard personal gluten-free menu. (The kids and Ryan don't stick to this quite as close as I do.)

Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with cheese, bowl of oatmeal with bananas or strawberries or raisins.

Lunch: Hotdogs wrapped in lettuce leaf, corn tortilla chips, fruit or carrot sticks with homemade Ranch dip.

Snacks: Peanuts and raisins, homemade granola bars, fruit, carrot or bell pepper strips, or smoothies.

Dinner: Anything you like, as flour doesn't generally factor into dinner for us. Stir fry over rice, or baked chicken dishes, or enchiladas with corn tortillas, or baked beans with green beans, or chili thickened with masa, or various soups with rice instead of noodles.

Amazon does sell einkorn noodles, einkorn being the ancient relative of wheat with far less gluten, and reportedly it doesn't bother gluten-intolerant people. There's also brown rice noodles, which aren't quite so expensive.

And googling "gluten-free" turns up thousands of blogs and recipes run by people who are gluten-intolerant, explaining how to get around it.


Farm Girl said...

That is so interesting that you had wheat and they you go into a rage.
I know I am much more calm and even without wheat and really I have no desire to go back.
It is great that you noticed it right off though.

Patrice said...

This is actually a great time to go gluten free. Years ago, there weren't all of the flours and people had to go without. Thanks to some great cooking pioneers in this field, you can make just about anything. I have been cooking gluten free for 8 years. now another daughter has identified more allergies and I have to cook corn and soy free, in addition to the gluten free. Fun! It can be done though. I noticed a big swing in moods when I had wheat. I'm far more level without.
Hope the little ones are doing well!


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