Wednesday, October 5

Glorious rain!

Today we got our first rain of the season. Rain! Glorious rain!

About maybe an inch, if we're lucky. Probably half an inch. But it was enough for the kids to get thoroughly soaked in. Claire was not allowed outside, although she'd like to be.

She's to the stage where she scoots around and bites everything. I think we have a few teeth on the way.


Farm Girl said...

It has been a totally nice kind of day. At least it hasn't been cold,but that is coming.

Will and Tracy said...

Oh I am envious! Send some our way please oh please. I am starved for a chilly rainy day and so is our parched earth.

Patrice said...

Why are chubby little legs so adorable on the babies? I always get a giggle when I see them. I had a nephew who had legs SO chubby that he couldn't get them together to walk when the time came for him to do so. Now he's all grown up and very athletic.

Jennifer said...

That rain felt so good! We were at BSF...without jackets or umbrellas...whoops :)


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