Monday, October 24

God's providence, again

Last summer was a hard, hard summer. No job, no money, little food, little hope. Relatives paid our rent and helped with necessities. I took art commissions and we paid bills with the small amount I made.

Then, right in the middle of it, I got pregnant. We reeled. But we chose to believe that another baby was a blessing, even though we couldn't see it from the circumstances we were in.

There's this little book called Be Fruitful and Multiply, and it's filled with all kinds of encouraging Bible verses that talk about how God blesses the womb first, then he provides material blessings so the family can feed and clothe this additional child. I clung to those verses.

Our financial situation improved a little as my husband went back to school on the GI Bill from his time in the military. At least we could pay the rent and buy food again.

Then Claire was born.

And now, six months later, God has seen fit to give us a bigger car.

(Not the same exact one, just the same model and color.)

A relative died and left it to us, so it's completely paid for and almost as good as new. We rode around in it yesterday, and I was completely astounded at God's grace to us. I took him at his word, never expecting a new car. And for some reason He saw fit to give us a new car. (Admittedly, we had completely filled the other one and rode around like a can of sardines.)

This means that my husband can get a job now, and he and I both have the wheels to go places. I'm hoping that a job will come next. It's been so long. God said that He will provide, though, and I'm still hanging on to that.


Farm Girl said...

What a cute little car!! I am so thankful to the Lord for providing it for you. It is funny, this week has been the week that God has reminded me of the verses that HE has given me in the past. On the day that hubby went to get the car, I have spoken it:I will bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it." Isaiah 40:11
Then,"For with God all things are possible." Mark 10:27
He does great and wonderful things beyond all that we ask or think.
I am so thankful that you are God's.
I love watching Him in your life. He is such a better parent.

Meg said...

Yay! Oh I'm so excited for you. It is really weird watching God work through babies, in a round about way. Ben said the other day how each kiddo we get an "upgrade" of some sort, and we've already seen it with this one before he's even born!

Yay for new car! :D

William said...

I'm so glad! You really had outgrown the other car.

Jennifer said...

Praise God, what a testimony to His grace and provision. Thanks for the encouragement.


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