Thursday, September 9


Well, just found out that munchkin number 3 is on the way, and will arrive sometime in March.

God says that the fruit of the womb is a blessing, so I'm clinging to that. Right now, in the midst of morning sickness, it's hard to see it as a blessing.

But things are looking up a bit. I have enough to eat now, so I can hold morning sickness at bay by never letting myself get hungry.

Our financial needs will be met until May.

We have a place to live, running water, electricity, food to eat, and gas in the car. Ryan has struck on a possible career path that looks promising in the long run. The kids are healthy and very busy.

I know I can manage a third one, because it will work so hard to catch up to its siblings, the way Holly did to Alex. The day she was home, she turned her little head to watch Alex because she knew his voice, and from then on it was all baby-exercise movements until she could crawl, and then walk, so she could do everything he did.
Up on her toes
I think that's why she did everything so early. Like when I told her that she couldn't go outside until she could walk. Man, she walked very soon after that.

And Alex has been wanting a brother, I think. He keeps calling Holly "Hank". I ask who Hank is, and he points at Holly and says, "Holly's Hank!" Like she's his imaginary brother or something.

If this new one is a boy, we are not naming it Hank.


Meg said...

Ha! I knew you were pregnant. I just knew. I just didn't want to come out and ask you. Congratulations!

I think you should name him Hank though. That is an awesome name.

On to the knitting!

Farm Girl said...

It has been a hair day so I just got on the computer, so glad that you finally told. I was loosing my mind trying to be quiet.
I am going to be a grand mother of 6!!
How great God is in His goodness to us!

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

Oh, babies! How wonderful. Congratulations, mama!


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