Tuesday, September 14

Tuesday Menu

As I sit here eating the last of a container of guacamole and reading blogs, I was suddenly struck with the desire to update.

I was craving avocados like nobody's business. Probably some kind of critical amino acid or something in them.

Anyway, here's the menu:

Today: Chicken fajitas

Wednesday - Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday - Some kind of stir fry (probably Teriyaki, if Ryan isn't sick of it)

Friday - Pizza (if I make the crust a day in advance)

Saturday - Potato Soup (because I want soup, and will probably make bread to go with it)

Sunday - Nachos, which might get moved to tonight and be changed to "party bean dip and more guacamole".

Monday - Chicken penne. It started out as Penne Arrabiata from Macaroni Grill, but I lack the fancy frills like artichoke hearts.

Also, I still haven't cooked the two pumpkins I got from Mom's. They've sat patiently on the counter, looking all festive and orange, waiting for me to dice them up and puree their succulent flesh. But each day, I've had such a lot of things to do that I haven't wanted to bother.

I also figured that I'd roast the pumpkin seeds. I found all kinds of recipes, and I think I'll just salt them and oil them before I try any other fancy seasonings.


Meg said...

Avocados are high in folic acid, which is good for baby. Not to mention like 20 other vitamins and goodies.

Hmm, maybe I'll sneak potato soup into our menu this week as well, since I've been wanting soup badly too.

The good thing about pumpkins is they last so long! So you can get away with leaving them for awhile.

Farm Girl said...

I love your menus! It is so nice to have food don't you think? Food is such a wonderful invention. I did a happy dance when I read through your menus, we need I think at least 10 avocado trees!


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