Monday, September 27

Monday "Menu"

First off, here's the munchkins enjoying some pumpkin muffins I whipped up the other day.

They made a good snack, and were gone by the end of the day.

Anyway, here's my "menu" for two weeks, meaning it's more of guidelines than actual rules. :-)

Wednesday - Baked chicken
Thursday - Chili
Friday - Burritos
Saturday - Mac
Sunday - Breakfast
Monday - Chicken Caesar pasta
Tueday - Fajitas
Wednesday - Taco soup
Thursday - potato soup
Friday - quesadillas
Saturday - Chicken Parmesan potatoes
Sunday - Eat out
Monday - Chili?
Tusday - Chicken Parmesan potatoes

I was running out of ideas there at the end. Most of the recipes are out of the 30 Minute Cookbook, which I love because not only are the recipes fast, they're usually pretty cheap, too.

I shuffle meals around according to what sounds good and what the weather's like. This week it's about 100, so I've had to push back a lot of my soups and cook more pastas and tortilla-related things. Last week it was in the 70s, and so glorious and fall-like.

I hear down in LA, they hit 113 and broke their 80 year record. Phoenix, AZ was only 104. How is that for ironic, that LA is hotter than Phoenix?


Farm Girl said...

Yeah, but the last time it was that hot was June of 2009!!! I am sorry but I dont'really feel that sorry for them, a couple days in September? Whiners. :)
Your menu looks good. It cracks me up to see your and Megan's menu and you don't say where you are eating out just that it will be out.
You can say Mom is cooking, it is okay. :)

NetRaptor said...

Well, that's not really anybody's business! These blogs are public, you know. :-)


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