Monday, September 20

More baskets

Want to see what I did all weekend?

On Saturday, I began this:

It's about eight inches long at the moment. It's my first non-circular basket, and I'm excited to be trying an oval shaped one. I had to quit Saturday because my fingers were so sore.

Sunday, I made this over the course of the kids watching a movie:

There's a quarter beside it for size comparison.

Alex had kept asking me for a basket, so I made him this tiny little one. Naturally it has since vanished. I'll probably find it in the toy box or under the bed. Holly likes the way it smells and walks around with it over her nose.

Then today I finally processed those pumpkins. I started taking pictures and then got distracted halfway through. It took all dang day. First you chop your pumpkins in half, clean out the guts, cut them into small pieces, then bake them on a cookie sheet at 350 for about an hour. Then you peel the meat off the skin.

I unfortunately let mine get cold, and the skin-peeling part was more like Let's Gouge It Off With a Spoon.

Ever stab yourself with a spoon?

It hurts.

Then you put all the pumpkin sans skin into a blender, along with enough water to help it blend. Then you pour the resulting puree into a bag or container and freeze it.

Two containers, all day of work. Then I turned around and made pizza for dinner from scratch.

I'm exhausted.


Meg said...

I smell a Fiber Friday link up!!

Also, go sit down. I still haven't processed the second batch of peaches yet... I'm looking forward to punkin's though!

Farm Girl said...

Man, I love the baskets. Yeah, the processing pumpkin is a ton of work. I know the pies taste better but gosh.
It all looks good, I hope you get to rest.

Farm Girl said...

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