Tuesday, September 28

I love fall

I opened the front door this morning, and it was wonderfully cool and damp. It smelled like rain.

I stepped outside hopefully, because there was a smattering of clouds, but alas, I was only smelling the sprinklers. Still, at least I could imagine it had rained.

The munchkins escaped outside, screaming and yelling, as they do, and I cringed for our neighbors, all of ten feet away.

The kids immediately found a worm on the sidewalk ("Found a snake!") and then a large slug, and then a spider.

October's always been my favorite month, and it looks like the heatwave will break right as October hits. My Dad and I have birthdays in October, two days apart. Funny how Dad's cake never lasted until my birthday. I'm the oldest of six kids, and cakes never stood a chance.

I also like Halloween. Carving pumpkins, dressing up, all the fall decorations. It's the last holiday with no pressure. Dress up if you want, or don't. Go to a Harvest Festival at a church, or don't. Go Trick or Treating if you want, or don't. You don't have to entertain relatives or throw a party or cook a huge dinner if you don't want to.

My mom always makes the neatest Halloween decorations, and grows the coolest pumpkins. Once the munchkins are old enough, I'll totally do Trick or Treating and carving jack o' lanterns.

I feel like a bad Christian, admitting this. ("I love Halloween and I don't call it Harvest Festival!") Yeah, I know that Halloween is Samhain, the Celtic new year and the spirits of the dead were supposed to walk around at night and people put out gifts of food to appease them. But how does that affect little kids dressing up as Batman and getting candy from the neighbors? It's so much fun, and you get so much loot.

And then you spend the first few weeks of November sick, but we don't mention that. Hee.

But my sister made me the coolest gray cloak from Lord of the Rings, and I just love dressing up as an elf and getting to wear it. It's actually pretty heavy material, so it's too hot to wear otherwise. I can't wait to dress up the kids as cats or Batman or Spiderman or whatever else they fancy. Alex might be old enough this year to even enjoy it.


Farm Girl said...

Yes, I spent years and years trying to not like Halloween. I tried not to secretly long to decorate pumpkins and all of that but now that I am out of the closet, I am much happier. I like dressing up too and seeing the kids dressed up and I really do love decorating for fall.
It is so nice to be free.

Farm Girl said...

Hey thanks for your comment on the books, I never know why it is so hard for me to write about books, I guess I am afraid of coming of as arrogant. Me too, I would rather talk about books than any thing in the whole world. I feel a bit cooler today, I am getting ready to take Sasha for a walk. I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

I love October too! And I love Halloween. My mom was and is an elementary school teacher, so all of the holidays were very festive at our house. We would always help her decorate her classroom. I like to get the kids dressed up and we all love candy. We don't make it very long, but it is always fun to go out. Our pastor said this week that Christians get all "constipated" (yup, his word) about Halloween, but we don't get worked up about the sin that has infested the public school system, or abortion, or other injustices. So I am going trick-or-treating with a clear conscience and a gratefulness for my Heavenly Father.

PS- Those muffins down below look amazing!

PPS- We are going to have a pumpkin carving party for church friends the Thursday before Halloween. Want to come?

Women of Sovereign Grace said...

Dang. This is Jennifer. Wrong Blogger name. Again.

NetRaptor said...

And here I was wondering who in the heck this was. :-) I'd love to come carve pumpkins, but my social outings are extremely limited by our one car, which my husband takes to school every day.


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