Saturday, October 2

Stormy Saturday

Our weird California heat has mixed with moisture from Mexico, along with some other weirdness about a closed low off the coast. Anyway, all this has conspired to spawn thunderstorms. They sprout over the mountains and then boil out over the valley in the mid afternoon.

Today we actually got some sprinkles of rain, along with some thunder and lightning. Being an urban Californian, I immediately took the kids outside in it, reasoning that if lightning wanted to strike somewhere near, it'd nail one of the trees around us that are much taller than our little juniper.

The thunder and lightning never did get very close, maybe within two or three miles. It sprinkled vigorously for about an hour, but it never stuck around long enough to even wet the pavement properly. Alex made an umbrella ...

...and Holly barely noticed it at all, except when she sat out in it and felt the raindrops falling on her head.

Hah! Name that song!

We also rearranged furniture all day, which turned into one of those long, drawn-out catastrophes that takes hours to clean up. It does look better now, though. But I don't think I'll be able to bend my knees tomorrow.

The storm broke up about sunset, and it smelled so fresh and good outside.


Farm Girl said...

Great pictures! Yes, I am hoping for this weather to be over soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Congratulations on the new baby coming soon! The little ones look like they're having fun playing in the rain. I like the umbrella Alex made!

Farm Girl said...

I just wanted you to know that I have a blog award over on my site for you. It is no big deal but since I got one yesterday I thought it would be nice to send it along.


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