Tuesday, October 12

Ex ...cer ...sise ...

Today I was sitting around, watching the kids and complaining to myself about various aches and pains.

Then I realized that all of it comes from not exercising.

When it got so gloriously cool, I wanted to walk every day. But this week it's been in the 90s with high humidity, and I haven't wanted to set foot outside, let alone walk. And I do notice that my whole body tends to function better when I've at least walked around the block.

Anyway, today, I really wanted to do something active, so I busted out the old Stormie Omartian exercise video.

Better Body Workout: Low-Impact Aerobic Workout

(That's supposed to be a picture. If you click on it, you can actually see it.)

It's an easy-peasy workout video for people over 50. I thought, eh, that's perfect for being three months pregnant. I'll just take a jaunt through it. (Me thinking back to when I was in really good shape and this video didn't even make me break a sweat.)

I put it on, and by the end of the warm-up, I was sucking wind. I had to wuss my way through the actual workout, skimping on the arm movements and barely lifting my feet, because it felt like I was working so hard. I also eschewed the abdominal exercise section, because I'm not sure if I should do that while pregnant.

By the end, Holly was doing little marches and turning around in the middle of the floor, and munchkin #3 was running around going, "Mom! I'm having fun!" Alex just watched in bemusement from the sidelines.

I had to lay down for a little bit afterwards, but when I got up to avoid being frolicked, not only were my aches and pains gone, but I was suddenly ravenously hungry. You know, the way you are when you've exercised.

I think I'll keep at it as long as it's hot outside. Maybe I can get a little bit back into shape before #3 arrives. (I'm rather concerned about being a flappy, floppy glob with no muscle tone during labor.)


Meg said...

That was the most hilarious mental image I've ever had. Thank you for that! :P

Getting into shape now will make it a lot easier to get back into shape after baby's here. I wouldn't do actual crunches or serious ab work until you've cleared it with your doctor, but if nothing else you can just lay on your back, knees up, arms at your side and tighten and relax those ab muscles. That should work them a bit.

Farm Girl said...

That is so funny, I am going to say something mean, but remember when I had Peter and I was trying to do that video and you would scoff at me for being such a exercise wuss? Well,
As I laughed my way through this, I admit, there is justice in the world.
Hee hee!!

Just be careful because I don't want grandchild number six to have to much exercise. :)
So funny, you made my day.

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Way to go! When it gets cooler, want to go for a walk? If you keep on Stormie-ing, maybe even a jog!

NetRaptor said...

Jennifer: I lack a car except on Fridays and weekends, but I do live within a few blocks of that one park on Ming. We ought to get together once the weather isn't trying to kill us anymore. Give me a few weeks to get in shape, though.

PuppetChaos said...

...my God, that hair that woman has is so 80's. D:


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