Tuesday, October 19

Barn party!

I'm attending a blogging event today ... Every Ruralty's Barn party!

Its like a little contest/blog promotional with giveaways. She also has fun quiz questions all the time to help you write something in your blog, so I thought, why not?

1. Who would you bring with you?

My two munchkins and husband, of course. It's a party!

2. What will you wear to the party? (Remember, it's 60's in the daytime and 40's at night.)

Since it's on a farm, I'd wear jeans or heavy slacks, and layer a t-shirt with a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. Same for hubby and the munchkins. Even if it's in the 60s, it gets warm out in the sun.

3. What would you most like to see on my farm?

Everything! Hopefully you have chickens. If not, we'll be totally entertained by horses, pigs, and whatever else you might have. (Pumpkins?)

4. What dish would you bring since it's pot luck?(Optional: You can post a recipe or photos of a dish if you'd like.)

I would probably bring Shepherd's Pie, since I hear it's good at potlucks. If you've never had it, it's ground beef in gravy on bottom mixed with carrots, and covered by a couple inches of mashed potatoes. A complete meal in one dish! It's also great for using up leftovers. Not that I'd bring leftovers to a potluck. *angelic smile*

I'd also bring a peach cobbler, because I have a ton of peaches in my freezer to get rid of.

5. What game or activity would you like to do during our get together?

Play horseshoes? :-) Or give the kids a ball or two and watch them run amok.

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Patrice said...

Thanks for joining the Barn Party. We definitely have chickens- 200+. I think peach cobbler is one of the best things going- warm with ice cream- YUM! We do a farmers'market and hubby brought home many bushels of peaches over the summer. Never got tired of them! I look forward to visiting your art blog too.
Have a great week!


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