Thursday, October 28

Indoors clothesline

Lying in bed this morning, I pondered my laundry options. I only had two dollars in quarters, yet to wash and dry two loads would cost four dollars. A dollar for each wash and a dollar for each dryer.

"What if I just strung a clothesline through the apartment?" I wondered to myself.

So I did. And this is what it looked like.

It stretched from the doorknob ...

...all the way to the cupboards in the kitchen. And I still didn't have enough room to hang everything!

It was a warm, dry day, but I think it would have worked better in the summer, with a fan on them. Some of the jeans just wouldn't dry, and I have them hung in various places where they'll be out of the way for the night.

I couldn't leave that clothesline up. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night and walking into it. Ugh!

The munchkins thought it was the best thing ever. They knocked all the clothes off the line over and over, and Alex found it great fun to meticulously put them all back on. Especially all the socks, for some reason.


Meg said...

Good way to be creative! I've seen lots of apartment dwellers do the same. Do you think you could put hooks the walls either side of the window and stretch a line there? You could get sun on them that way. Also, you could put some stuff on hangers and hang them on the shower curtain rod (or door track, depending on the set up you have).

Farm Girl said...

Hey it worked. You also have a way to keep the kids busy all day. I think you are really creative.

Good job!


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