Thursday, October 14

Best snack ever

Munchkins just love peanut butter on banana slices.

I wish I had taken a picture. They were perfect slices with dollops of peanut butter on them, almost like tiny cupcakes.

The little brats refused to eat their pork chops and stuffing, so they were headed to bed hungry. But I had mercy on them and we had a snack.

In other, more educational news ...

A neighbor pointed me to AAA Math, which has all kinds of fun educational things for K-12 graders. I took at look at the Kindergarten activities, and we seem to have done, or be doing, most of those things. It gave me some ideas, though, and when you have to entertain small children, ideas are good things.

It also has printable pages for coloring and things, but I haven't taken a look at those yet.

Still, it encourages me. Everything they'd be learning at age 5, I'm teaching them at 3 and 1, just by showing them stuff and talking to them. Now, if only Joe Scruggs's music would show up on iTunes ...

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