Saturday, September 18

Pine needle baskets

Pondering getting into making baskets again. It's kind of a unique craft, and the baskets turn out so pretty afterwards.

This is a pine needle basket I started and stopped a couple times over several years. You can see where I ran out of certain colors of raffia and had to switch.

I'd like to try using waxed linen as the stitching, because a lot of people use that and it seems to work well. And it comes in lots of colors. I wonder if I could find it at a craft store? I even saw one where the lady had used copper wire to make a really tough basket for daily use.

My problem with raffia is that it eventually dries out and cracks, so the baskets don't seem to last as long. I made my mom one for Christmas a few years ago, and I've noticed that it's started to unravel a little. I think I should have made sure to tie all my new strands in knots, rather than just try to weave it in. (Raffia is actually the fiber from a certain kind of palm tree.)

Here's instructions on how to use a gourd as a base:

This appeals because my mom has a whole trash bin full of cured gourds, just begging to be used.

And here's a neat blog with nifty baskets and designs. I'm getting ideas from them.


Farm Girl said...

Thant is a beautiful basket and next time you come over take as many gourds as you want. Just grab them.
That is what I grew them for is so you could do something with them. I saw on a blog today where a lady painted them orange and did faces and they look like neat pumpkins.
I love the kind with Pine needle tops.
You really do beautiful weaving. I bet you could sell them on Etsy.

Have a nice Saturday.
I know I think about making pound cake with all of my eggs. Except I love pound cake and I would eat it.
With strawberries or peaches or blueberries.

Meg said...

Hey nice basket! I (very briefly) ventured into basket weaving when I was younger and it was fun.

Hey, if you want to use acrylic yarn, I have plenty of it.... Might look kind of tacky though, heh.


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