Friday, September 17

Kids love heavy machinery

You know how the munchkins' latest fixation has been dirt?

Well, there's great, sandy dirt everywhere at Grandma's.

And also Grandpa's tractor.

I look at the tractor and go, "Oh, it's so small."

They look at the tractor and go, "Oh, it's so huge!"

I'm sure my Dad will get on his tractor and wonder why all the gears are totally out of whack.

I'll have to let the munchkins onto the side yard more often, just for the dirt. At one point Alex was tossing handfuls of dirt in the air and watching the clouds of dust go drifting away. Alas, I didn't get a picture.

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Farm Girl said...

I am glad you got a picture. I told Dad how dirty Holly was, It is amazing that the little runt who hated being on the grass now enjoys dirt so much.
Someday when Alex is grown up, he is going to be so surprised how small Grandpa's tractor is.
Nice Pictutes!


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