Wednesday, September 8

Easily influenced

First, my sister in law posted this ridiculous recipe for cinnamon rolls. I drooled over them for days. But the weather remained at 100 degrees, and who wants cinnamon rolls when it's that hot out?

Then, things changed.

The temperature dropped to 70.

We finally bought groceries.

And now these are rising on my stove top.

I am easily influenced by pretty pictures of sweet desserts. I want so bad to bake these up now and have them as a late lunch.

I didn't put brown sugar in the filling, though. Just couldn't bring myself to do it. Sorry, Meg. :-)

Edit: When I got to the glaze stage, I discovered that eating powdered sugar on pancakes had reduced my powdered sugar supplies to about half a cup.

Thinking quickly of a Good Eats episode where Alton Brown made caramel sauce, I threw a cup of white sugar, 1/3rd cup of water, and a tablespoon of butter into a saucepan. I let it come to a nice rolling boil, and babysat it, stirring only occasionally to keep it from crystallizing.

Once it tasted caramelly enough (I think somewhere in the 200 degree range), I dumped it over my cinnamon rolls.

Once they cooled enough to eat, we fell upon them and devoured half the pan. Oh man. Oh man. You can't imagine how good it tasted.


Farm Girl said...

They look yummy!! I hope you enjoy the heck out of them, Do you feel better?

NetRaptor said...

Yes, I feel so much better, it's amazing what a full stomach and proper vits will do for you. Actually took the munchkins for a walk today!

Meg said...

No brown sugar?? *gasp* But that's what makes them ridiculous!!

I'm so glad you guys got to buy groceries. I was thinking about you all weekend.


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