Saturday, January 14

Warm Cali

It's been about 65-70 degrees here in Cali lately. No rain since November. The ground is hard as rock and twice as powdery. It's disconcerting to be in the middle of winter and have all this spring-like weather that nonetheless still smells like winter.

This is how warm it's been. The door is open. The munchkins running around outside. The baby comfortable in bare feet, playing with a broom.


Farm Girl said...

If Accu weather and poor Ken Clark are right that might be changing. Even Hanford seems to agree.
Maybe not rain but the warm weather is over at least for a week. After today of course. Today is supposed to be nice and warm.

Meg said...

Yep, our doors have been open too and the kids have been running around bare foot. It's crazy! Although *supposedly* we *might* get rain next weekend... *crosses fingers*


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