Monday, January 16

Worried eyebrows

Look at those little worried eyebrows! This is one of those pictures taken by the munchkins as they ran amuck with my camera. I'm always amused to see what they come up with, because their pictures have such fun perspective.

Happy Monday! Martin Luther King has nothing to do with how dirty my house is and meals that must be cooked. Some people just don't get days off. :-)


Meg said...

Ugh tell me about. I really don't want to do laundry today, but it's too cold for people to go naked.

That is the cutest little face. It looks like "Hey, what's in there? Can I eat it?"

Farm Girl said...

Well, we have a private club. :) It is called Never a day off club.
It is nice to have work though, it keeps you out of trouble, you know Idle hands and the devils workshop?
Have a lovely day, I always wonder how in the world a house gets so dirty on a weekend?
cute picture of the baby.


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