Friday, April 13

April showers

It's been raining like crazy here. In Southern Cali, we don't usually get much rain. A couple inches at most. Most of our water comes from the snowpack on the mountains. Well, this year decided to go like it did six years ago and rain for all of April.

Our lovely flooded sidewalk.

Check out the Doppler radar. We're the circled dot right in the middle of the storm. That doesn't usually happen, and I'm way too gleeful about it.

The storm started, naturally, while I was in the grocery store on Wednesday. With the kids. None of us had coats. We walked out of the store into a cloudburst.

I rushed the basket with my (drenched) munchkins and groceries out to the car, got everything stowed and wiped down. Then A. begged me to take his quarters, which he had left in the car, and please get him some gumballs. So I raced back out through the downpour and got him the gumballs.

By the time I got home, got everyone inside and all the groceries too, I was quite wet. But it was funny, too.


Farm Girl said...

It is so wet out there. Be careful driving in it. I can't believe how deep the water is on your sidewalk.

Rachel Blackmon said...

You're lucky. In Riverside we get next to NO rain. >> Sprinkles at best. Though we get lots of WIND. Ugh.

Jennifer said...

Did you see it is supposed to be 95 this weekend?


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