Tuesday, April 17

Washing the car

Today, the kids and I washed the car.

 Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of us actually washing it because it didn't cross my mind. Also, cameras, small children and water buckets are a bad mix.

We just got buckets of water and dish soap, and dishcloths, and washed the car like it was a giant dirty dish. We soaped it, then rinsed it, then dried it. We didn't get it quite as sparkly as it would have been had there been a garden hose available, but we did get the mud off from all that rain last week.

Also, the munchkins thought that washing the car was terrific fun. All except the youngest, who had to stay inside with Daddy.

Speaking of the youngest, she's decided that she likes eating snails.

She had one last night and another one this morning. I don't know where she keeps finding them! The dumb things must slime up and stick to the inside of the door. I had opened the door this morning for the fresh air. The next thing I knew, she has bits of snail shell all over her little smiling face, and a slimy snail gripped in her slimy hand.

Snail slime doesn't come off easily. Even with soap.

Isn't your day brighter now that you know that fact?


Farm Girl said...

OH yuck, yuck, yuck!!! What the heck, why would she keep eating them. Is there a sushi with raw snails?

Sue said...

The car looks great, washing a car brings back memories with ours, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. ~smile~ The snail story is so funny, and I do indeed know how hard it is to get that slime off. .
Enjoy your day.

Meg said...

Escargot! Apparently she has French blood. Although I think they cook theirs first...

Kim said...

LOL Isn't she a little young for sushi?
P.S. My car is dirty. Send your kids here :)


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