Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter and birthday baby

Happy Easter, everybody! Yesterday was the baby's first birthday. Here she is, enjoying her obligatory birthday cupcake.

The next time she has an Easter birthday, she'll be old enough to really enjoy it. Presents and extra candy!

Hope you all have a very blessed Easter Sunday. :-)


Farm Girl said...

She looks so pretty with her cupcake.
She looks like she enjoyed it. So glad it wasn't like when Alex turned one. I still shudder about that one.

Will and Tracy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Claire and Happy Easter to y'all. I hope you had a great day. It rained here all day, lots of rain but a quiet day playing with barbies for me. I love your blogs Kessie.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, Baby!! I can't believe she is a year. I remember you blogging about wanting lots of ice cream at this time last year ;)


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