Sunday, April 1

Fun with hats

The other morning, the munchkins started playing with this tiny toy hat while we were getting dressed. It wound up on the baby's head, and she was so proud of herself, I had to take a picture. Look at her new teeth!
The older ones had to take their turns with the hat, too.
I got this picture right as the hat fell off her head. You can't tell it's in motion here, but it was.
It's fun trying to be quick reaching for the camera. I snap the oddest moments. We do have so much fun all the time.


Will and Tracy said...

I love it when you post pictures of your adorable kids. It always looks so fun. I cant believe all those teeth.

Farm Girl said...

The baby is fast turning into a kid, isn't she? She looks great. All of them look so cute.


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