Saturday, November 6

Saturday adventures

Blogging seems so romantic sometimes. Today I was reading this one cooking blog where the lady was sitting down to blog with her fruit turnover and her cup of coffee.

When you have small children, it's not quite like that. It's more like, "Great, they're in the bath and can amuse themselves for five minutes! I can update my blog! What to write about? Quick! An idea!"

Much flipping through camera and recent pictures to see if any new material needs to be gathered.

Pictures are quickly snapped. They are only halfway through being color-adjusted when screaming erupts from the bathtub, and the prospective blogger rushes away, and does not return until after the kids are in bed.

Then she's too tired to write much. So she just posts her pics and goes to bed.

Anyway, this morning I ventured out to the local farmer's market. I had eschewed buying produce at the store, and saved a bit of cash to take to the farmer's market and get fresher produce there. I really had a hankering for some apples that weren't, you know, picked green, ripened under lights, then waxed like a candle.

At the farmer's market, I found apples ... with the dirt still on them. I'm totally going back next week. Also they had so much other stuff that I have to think about what dishes I want to make with the fresh veg out there. The prices are reasonable, about what you'd pay at the grocery store, and the stand I went to, the lady let me mix and match apple varieties.

So I got some Fujis and some Pink Ladies. Aren't the pink ones ever so gorgeous? I should have grabbed a few Asian Pears, too, while I was at it. They're still expensive at the store, and at the stand, they were part of the mix and patch package.

I took Alex with me, all by himself. He was enthralled to be out somewhere alone with Mama. I think he'll be my partner every time I go. :-)


Farm Girl said...

Oh how nice the picture is beautiful/. So you add color to your pictures? I am glad you had a nice time at the Farmers Market.
Very nice blog I might add.

NetRaptor said...

Yeah, I at least increase the contrast on all my pics. For anything taken in the kitchen, I have to correct for the very-yellow light that makes everything look pukey yellow.

Farm Girl said...

So since you and Meg would like to do a antique day, why don't we plan a girls day out and do a antique shopping day and I will take you both out to lunch. Why don't we talk about it at our Bible Study on Friday.


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