Wednesday, November 10

Things I love about Fall

Japanese Mountain Maple Bonsai Tree Leaves (Acer palmatum), Red Autumn /Fall Colours

Farmgirl did a post about the twenty things she loves about fall. So I thought I'd do a list, too!

1. Long pants
2. Heavy, savory foods, like chicken pot pie and meatloaf
3. Turkey
4. Trees changing color
5. Big, puffy clouds
6. Rain
7. Soups and breads
8. The lead-up to Christmas
9. The inevitable Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon
10. New birds outside
11. The excuse to make fudge
12. The smell of pine from a Christmas tree
13. The way Christmas lights make the nights so cheery
14. Fabulous sunsets
15. Pie. Did I already mention that?
16. Fires in the fireplace (at other people's houses, heh)
17. Scented candles
18. That watery, slanted look the sunlight gets
19. Fog (when nobody is driving in it)
20. The spiffy movies that always come out in December

I have kind of an oddball list, but it's what I like. :-)

1 comment:

Farm Girl said...

I like your list!! I would have to add those things too, that's why I had to stop at 20


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