Tuesday, November 2


I promised I'd post a Halloween pic of Holly, so here's one, finally.

I scrounged around for some kind of costume, and came up with my old tiger ears and tail. There really ought to be a mask, but for some reason there isn't one. (Maybe this was the old-fashioned kind of costume where you paint on a cat nose and whiskers with Mom's eyeliner?)

Anyway, Alex and Holly each took an item.

You can see which items they nabbed.

They were sick with colds, and it was freezing out there, so no trick or treating this year. Besides, do you know how much candy that is? I shudder just thinking about them ingesting that much sugar!

The lit jack o' lanterns outside the front door were beacons to the trick or treaters. I heard one little kid exclaim, "Look! Pumpkins! And toys!" (as he spotted Alex's dirty muddy truck in the flowerbed). We had ten or fifteen, a real improvement over two. Most were little kids, but a few were junior highers in the bare minimum of costume. I harassed them about it, too.

I think I enjoy Halloween as an adult way more than I did as a kid.


Meg said...

That is so cute! She looks so adorable with her ears.

Farm Girl said...

She does look so cute with ears and yes I drew on a nose and whiskers. Those ears really make her eyes look blue. Alex looks cute with a tail. I am so glad you still have that stuff.


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