Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving '10

Here it is Monday night, and I'm just finally going through the pictures I took at our Thanksgiving get-together.

A lot of them are the kind of terrible candid photos that you save to blackmail people with. "I have a shot of you mid-blink with your mouth open! HAHAHA!"

But I did have a few decent pics. Like these.

Alex, Holly and one of the twin cousins, being read to by their aunt.

My youngest brother and sister-in-law. She's trying to put those dried, crunchy onions on her green beans, and he's munching on them.

Here the locals gang up to make four boxes of stuffing at once. Yum, Stove Top is the best.

A summary of the local craziness: an eyeball wound up on the counter next to the napkins and nice china dishes.

I didn't know my brother still HAD that eyeball. He used to roll it in amongst the feet of the ladies when we had a Bible study at our house, eons and eons ago ... now his sons roll it in amongst the aunts and uncles.


Meg said...

Wow, I did not even notice you taking pictures that much. Way to be sneaky!

Farm Girl said...

I love them as you were sneaky to get all of those candid pictures. I am so glad you got the picture with the kids all crowded around Em's when she was reading.
Thanks for your sweet comment today.
I am glad you liked my post. When I get your approval it means more to me than a million dollars. It makes me feel good and I will keep this book out so you can read it again.


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