Saturday, July 16


A while ago, I started sniffing around the internet for a bunch of early-90s games that I enjoyed growing up. There's this lovely thing called Abandonware. If there's an old game that never gets re-released on another platform, or bundled with other software, or otherwise recycled, it just fades into the ether. It's been abandoned, and as such, becomes free on the internets.

So I collected a few classic DOS titles and played them for a bit. Alex latched onto them, and I taught him to play them.

Fortunately, I was always attracted to Sim titles, and things that were stealth-educational.

There's Sim Tower:

And Sim Ant (which I didn't actually play, but my siblings enjoyed, so I'm learning it alongside Alex)

Sim City 2000, which I utterly adored and played for hours and hours:

The Oregon Trail original version. I have died of dysentery/snakebite/broken legs/etc. etc. etc. But I reached Oregon. Alex hasn't yet managed to do this because the text menus stymie him.

And finally there's Rollercoaster Tycoon, which I actually had on disk and didn't need to download. Much, much love has gone into this game.


Farm Girl said...

Yeah, you don't realize how real the game is until Alex began telling me about the lawnmower running over his legs. He really likes those games. i always thought stealth learning was the best.

Anne said...

You are BRILLIANT, dear! I had NO idea about this. Thank you so much for the information! We loved the Oregon Trail, too! You are BRILLIANT! :)

Jennifer said...

Yahoo! How do I do this? I can't wait to play sim city 2000 (with the children, of course...of course).


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