Tuesday, July 26

Hot weather fun

On Friday my sister in law and I met up at my mom's and let the kids play.

There was much playing with water, and water toys. The slip and slide was set up, but I somehow didn't get any pictures of them using it.

The boys decided that the jump rope was great for tug of war.

Claire tried out the baby walker, and absolutely loved it. She's inching up on four months now, and she really wants to be independent.

I did the bird test on her, and she can officially see my cockatiel now. She locked onto him and started kicking her feet, all excited. He, of course, was not thrilled, and told her so.


Farm Girl said...

I am glad you had time to post pictures today. I knew you got some so I knew you had done somethings.
I am glad Clair passed the bird test.

Anne said...

So much fun!!!! She is getting so big!


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