Sunday, July 3


Holly 'painting' by dipping a stick in the water, then making patterns on the sidewalk.

Another hot pink hollyhock.

Claire enjoying being outside.

One of those little tiny yellow butterflies. I as amazed at how close I had managed to get.

You know, I sit down to write a blog post, and people swarm into my lap, or the baby starts fussing, and nothing much gets written. Just pictures.

I've finally pinned down exactly what breastfeeding mommy-brain is and what causes it. When the baby nurses, there's this stuff called Prolactin that gets released in my body to make more milk, and make my milk let down and all that stuff. Well, a side-effect of prolactin is that it makes me sleepy.

I was talking to my husband last night, and we were carrying on an intelligent conversation. Then I picked up the baby to let her nurse, and by the time she finished, all of my nouns and verbs had vanished from my brain. I had gone from, "David Tennant in Doctor Who" to "That one guy in the movie we like who was before the current guy." If I could even form a thought that intelligent.

And after a while the prolactin wears off and my brain comes back. Here I just thought I was turning into an idiot.


Farm Girl said...

So that is why. I always wondered.

texwisgirl said...

that made me laugh. :)

beautiful little girls and pretty skipper butterfly.


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