Tuesday, December 6

Childlike Christmas and chats

Going to cram two memes into today's post!

First off, Pom Pom's Childlike Christmas. It's my first time participating.

Here's one of the little waifs, looking very Tiny Tim in mommy's big hoodie.

Seeing as they're only 4, 2, and 8 months, they're just trying to grasp this whole Christmas thing. They understand the whole "getting presents" thing very well. We're doing Advent candles with Bible reading in the evenings, so hopefully they'll have some idea about the Christmas story.

On Saturday we went to the library, and they went to the storytime thing the library puts on for the kids. The lady had a craft afterward where all the kids made paper ornaments with glitter and those little fuzzy balls and stickers.

I should have taken a picture right after we got home, because they had a lot more stuff on them.

As you see, the fuzzy balls and most of the stickers have been peeled off for use elsewhere.

I'm sad to say, I don't have many pithy thoughts about seeing Christmas through a child's eyes. I feel like that's how I see life right now, and it's actually more difficult to see Christmas as an adult! I do wish I had a nativity creche, so they could play with the little Mary and Joseph and Jesus. Maybe next year.

Now on to Patrice's Farmhouse Porch Chats:

Have you ever had a blog slump?

Yep, all the time. Usually when I'm terribly busy, or sick, or tired. I just have nothing to say, so I look at my blogs and go, "Eh."

Lately I've been playing games with my husband in the evenings, and it's really cut into my blogging. But it makes my hubby so happy. And I've read stuff that talks about how you should keep playing with your husband, because that's what you did when you were dating, right?

What's your favorite way to serve hot chocolate (cocoa)? Marshmallows on top? Whipped Cream? A cinnamon stick?

Marshmallows or whipped cream. The best hot chocolate is the kind where you heat the milk and cocoa and sugar on the stove to make a hot base, then mix it with milk to cool it off. Man, that is the absolute best.

How do you handle it when you see someone you think you know, but cannot place? Do you approach them and ask, shy away, or just go home and hope you don't think of it at 2am?

I remember names, but not faces. I've heard that this is a trained skill, and alas, I never trained it. I'll see someone, smile vaguely at them, and go the other way, wondering why they look familiar.

What was your position in your family? Were you the oldest, a middle child, the youngest or an only child?

I'm the oldest of six. That means I handed down the smacketh from on high when I thought Mom and Dad were being too soft.

And now I have a son who does the same thing. And I don't like it. Oh, the irony.

How do you handle accumulated possessions (stuff)? Are you a pack-rat, a minimalist, or somewhere in between?

I hate having too much stuff. Once in a while I go on a clearing-binge and throw everything away, or haul it to Goodwill. The trouble is, I wind up getting rid of things I probably shouldn't have, and wishing for it later.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, you VERY much are seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child because you are a mama. You are doing eternal work, investing in the souls of sweetie pies. I wish you joy today! Thank you so much for joining me in this simple group effort. He is KING!

Farm Girl said...

Oh so cute and I loved reading both posts. You really made me laugh. I think when you have small babies that is the only way to see Christmas.
I think it makes it always have lots more meaning.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Christmas time with small ones is very special. How I miss those days! Enjoy them while you have them, as they do get away from you in a blink of an eye.

Good old fashion cocoa on the stove top is absolutely the best way to go. I've gotten pretty lazy over the years and am quick to use instant with hot milk. Shame on me, I know!

Kim said...

We don't have any little ones around anymore so I really miss seeing how children react to Christmas. All the excitement of the holidays - no stress.
I agree that old fashioned cocoa is best but I admit to cheating with the instant now.

Patrice said...

I think you (and many other parents- like I) can't see Christmas through a child's eyes because we are so busy caring for little ones. I can do it more with my youngest(9) now that the other three are not only independent, but helpful.

I'm glad you've chosen game time with hubby over blogging. We like to play Scrabble or Canasta. All four girls like to play too, so hubby has to play whoever has the next turn.

You're doing all the right things with your little ones by letting them know what Christmas is really about.Good job!!!

Suzanne McClendon said...

I agree with Patrice. I think it is great that you're playing games with your hubby. I love to play with mine, too. We invented a game called "bobulated", based on the version of Rummy that I grew up with. It can be lots of fun. Scrabble is a great game, too. :)

I hope that you have a fun Christmas with your little ones. My baby girl is 16 years old. They grow up way too fast.

I'm here from Patrice's Farmhouse Chat. Have a great day!

magsmcc said...

I can highly recommend getting some sturdy plastic nativity figures- hours of fun we had with ours and highly fabulous re-enacting with supplement cast from Duplo/Happy Land/farm set...

EmptyNester said...

My problem is that when I throw stuff out, Hubs brings it back in! LOL

We love to play games around here! It must be good to do so- we're still going strong after 28 years!


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