Wednesday, December 28

New sofa

Because I'm sure everybody's so interested in our new furniture, right?

I'm excited because it's the first new furniture we ever picked out and bought ourselves. We went shopping for used furniture, and we liked this one. Also I dibs'd a rocking chair. I've gone three babies now with no rocking chair. It was time.

The sofa is dark green, and makes our tiny living room look quite fancy indeed.

I'm going to attempt to sand down and refinish the rocking chair over the summer, because the finish is flaking off.

We didn't realize until my hubby and brother were trying to lift the sofa into the truck that it's also a hideabed. Because it weighed approximately 5000 pounds. I helped them muscle it into the house, and we were all exhausted afterward. But we had wanted a hideabed if at all possible, and we got one completely by accident!

Does God care about sofa shopping? Because He sure seemed to direct us to the right one. :-)


Farm Girl said...

So glad you posted a picture, it all looks very good in your living room, I bet it is good now to read books on with the kids.
Yes, God is always good all of the time.

Meg said...

Woohoo! Sweet sofa! And a bed to boot, that's awesome!

Anne said...

That's great!!! :)

Jennifer said...

How did you find so much time to blog and read in December with so many other things going on? Loved catching up :)

Kessie said...

Jennifer: I do weekly memes! They make me commit to writing something at least once a week!


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